Going through a bereavement is difficult enough without the added strain of not knowing what to do. The Scottish Government offers practical advice on the steps to take following a death in this helpful link.  It's never an easy topic to tackle, but is something most of us will face at some point. Well worth a read and perhaps bookmarking the webpage.  

This is also a time to make the most of the assistance available to you. Your solicitor is there to assist with much of the executry administration. And don't forget that this can also be a catalyst for family members to review their own wills and to potentially mitigate inheritance tax; name guardians for their children; or to leave assets to a co-habiting partner (who, at present, does not have the same rights as a spouse or civil partner when someone dies without a will).  

My experience shows time and again that communicating and planning at an early stage can make a huge difference at an overwhelming time.