Congratulations to the lucky person (or persons) who won the £170million Euromillions jackpot on Tuesday! I'm sure a larger than usual number of us rushed out to buy those extra tickets and increase our (minuscule) chances of having more money than major celebrities such as Sir Tom Jones, Ed Sheeran or Adele.

With a lottery win, there is potentially a huge change in lifestyle. For some, this could be the opportunity to help friends and family financially, fulfil a lifelong dream or to consider incredible options and possibilities that were previously unavailable to you.

Every lottery victor who wins £1million or more may receive the offer of a free session with both a legal and a financial advisor by Camelot. Being on the panel for Camelot, Ledingham Chalmers are one of those trusted advisors who meet lottery winners throughout Scotland. Whether the winners decide to “go public” about their win or not, all sessions remain highly confidential.

A win is hugely exciting and many winners already have some idea of what they want to do with their new-found wealth. There are also practical matters to consider, which is the purpose of the advisory session. As a private client solicitor, I have the opportunity to explain the importance of wills and powers of attorney, the possibility of setting up a trust, and general advice about inheritance tax: matters which are hugely important but not always at the forefront of peoples’ minds when celebrating their success!

Like the rest of us, lottery winners can have complicated family situations, personal illness or young beneficiaries to provide for. 

You may not have won the jackpot this time round but don't miss out on the opportunity to put your will and power of attorney in place.  Contact our private client team and be a winner too.