Being contactable out of hours is recognised as an issue when it comes to workforce well being, so it is with some hesitation that I share this excellent blog by trainee solicitor Natalia Milne (a) at 9pm; and (b) while on holiday.

It is absolutely right that employers should respect the mental health and well being of employees, and if that means managing expectations as to out-of-hours communications, all to the good.   

So, am I setting a bad example to colleagues by sharing this blog at this time? I like to think not as it's an interesting read, but perhaps I am in the lucky position of being clear about what the firm expects of me. Or perhaps I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).  Perhaps I am trying too hard to be relevant, even when on holiday. 

In which case, the US example flagged by Natalia may be a sensible one, and the firm should be using as a measure of performance data from my Fitbit to log my levels of downtime as well as activity. Let's hope the daily hill walks with the dog this holiday balance out the over-eating and movie streaming then.