The secret's out: Aberdeen is the best place to live and work in Scotland.  

While the Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index 2019 confirms what those of us living in the region already know, it's great to see that being validated on a UK-wide level. 

The index covers about 40 places in the UK and tries to measure their economic performance on a range of 10 variables including jobs, skills, income, health and infrastructure to get a relative ranking of how different places perform on each of those measures. It marries together not only economic statistics but also the views of the public.

Out of the three Scottish cities included in the UK national rankings, two make the top ten for another year running. More particularly, Aberdeen rises up the rankings from ninth in the 2018 report to sixth position this year, outperforming Edinburgh, which remains at seventh. Glasgow has a more middling performance, ranking 24th out of 42 cities.

Overall, the Good Growth for Cities Index shows continued broad improvements across cities in the UK, driven in particular by falling unemployment rates and increases in new businesses. But challenges remain in these times of political and economic uncertainty. Amongst the calls to action for businesses is the need to demonstrate a sustained commitment to upskilling and career development. That is particularly relevant to the Aberdeen city region as it goes through a period of renaissance.  

Aberdeen is known worldwide as a place that’s entrepreneurial, dynamic and innovative; somewhere that likes to get things done. Having been a global leader in the oil and gas sector for over half a century, it is now building on that incredible base of skills and research strengths to see other areas of industry flourish and grow. From renewables and low carbon to life sciences, hospitality, food and drink or digital, the Aberdeen city region has a plan for future prosperity. Skills evolution is going to be key to that.

So, no resting on laurels, but we can take solace in the fact that when challenges loom, we have the wide open spaces, big skies, nature, city and sea all on the doorstep to help put things into perspective. 

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