While the Court of Session has adapted to dealing with cases electronically (much of its business having previously been dealt with that way) the sheriff court has struggled in a paperless world. 

However, at long last things appear to be moving again.

In an update published yesterday, the Scottish Courts Service set out a roadmap for dealing with cases in the sheriff court. Unsurprisingly, the focus will be dealing with the backlog of paperwork submitted during lockdown, the priority being to deal with undefended cases, unopposed motions and simplified divorce applications.

Other matters, including new cases sent to the court for warranting, will be dealt with in the order received. Any new cases received after 2 June won't, however, be dealt with until after 15 June, and again in the order received.

The sheriff courts will continue to deal with any urgent matters, but in addition will resume case management of those cases that were sisted or administratively adjourned due to lockdown.  Other matters which can be dealt with administratively, such as routine insolvency procedures, will also be dealt with.

While this is far from a return to normal and there will be a vast backlog requiring attention, it is progress.