If you had asked me on day one of lockdown what I would miss most about working in an office, my answer would be very different to the one I now give as we pass the 140 days in lockdown mark.

Office noise.  

And it seems I am not alone in that if measured by the growing number of office noise websites and apps.

Phones ringing.  Printers printing.  The ambient bubble of voices. Footsteps — some heavy; some light; some quick; some slow. Heavy keyboard clicking. Coughing.  Clearing of throats. The occasional sneeze followed by an anonymous "bless you". Laughter. Paper being ripped up. Sweetie papers being removed. Chewing.  Crunching. Sighing. Sniffing. Foot tapping.  Pen tapping. Finger tapping.  

And it's not that, when working from home, I am in a quiet, peaceful place. Sharing a workspace with a husband, 12-year-old and a dog ensures that will never happen.   

But I do miss the "buzz" of the office more than I thought. I now realise those noises help me focus.  

Even those which in the old normal were really irritating I now find a longing for. I can only hope my sound colleagues share the same longing for my more noisy office habits. 

Sweetie anyone?