Spoiler alert: in the true tradition of government announcements these days, we hear today of what is going to be announced tomorrow. 

During tomorrow's Budget, the chancellor is expected to announce a £27m funding package to support Aberdeen's Energy Transition Zone (ETZ).

An integral part of the north-east's bid to transform into a globally recognised location for clean energy such as offshore wind and hydrogen, the ETZ is also critical for ensuring we retain a healthy supply chain to maintain continued production of the domestic supply of oil and gas still needed to meet the UK's energy demands.

Oil and gas has, in many respects, been demonised — or perceived as sidelined — in favour of "clean" energy, but the fact remains the sector offers 50 years' worth of detailed knowledge and experience of the geology, infrastructure and skills required to meet energy demand.

Similar to all business sectors, emissions reduction will be key to achieving net-zero operations in oil and gas.

A cluster culture in which the oil and gas industry remains a core part of an integrated energy system, alongside wind, hydrogen and carbon capture is going to be key to longer term sustainability — both for our planet and for our economy.