On the theme that a cluster culture in which the oil and gas sector needs to be a core part of an integrated energy system, here's an excellent article from Energy Voice on the role of the next generation of oil workers. 

And an interesting reflection — or hope — from one interviewee that "through the [energy] transition, the industry becomes less volatile".

But until the point at which energy transition projects are "shovel ready", there is an inevitable lay period, the risk being that the sector loses or fails to attract new talent at that time.

Anecdotally, that lack of investment (or ability to invest) is also replicated in, for example, maintenance of offshore assets. 

What is unhelpful is the continuing trend to "demonise" the oil and gas sector, when it continues to offer a younger generation of employees a range of opportunities to positively impact the energy transition. That sort of negativity (which is entirely understandable given the long standing boom and bust cycle of the sector, and price decline since 2014) fails to recognise the opportunity and role of the younger generation to be part of the change. That's why articles like this one are important.

To end by quoting another of the interviewees —

“I see a bright future ahead for our sector; a future where we help the energy transition move forward, and supply oil and gas in the cleanest, most efficient way possible where we do not have alternatives yet.”