Netflix and other streaming sites are great sources of entertainment and have been especially so, during lockdown.

However, the latest update from Netflix on its terms and conditions state passwords should not be shared with individual users beyond their household. Now, Netflix has started testing a feature asking viewers whether they share a household with a subscriber.

Some Netflix users are reported to have received a message asking them to confirm they live with the account owner by entering a code included in a text message or email sent to the subscriber.  

It looks like more people could be seeing these messages pop up as, according to research firm Magid, about a third of Netflix users share their password with someone else. This got me thinking though, how many times have you agreed to terms and conditions but not read them? Probably countless times! You may however, be the type who does take the time to read through and consider terms and conditions...and if that is you — then that's a wise move. 

It remains to be seen how the technology will help any enforcement, but this is a timely reminder that it pays to know what the terms and conditions are when you subscribe to products and services.